How Cribkeys Works "Host & Guest"

How Cribkeys Work? The GUEST! How Cribkeys Work? The HOST!
Find a place to stay!
Finding a place to stay is easy and quick. Type your destination into the search bar, then select your travel dates to search. Click on properties for details, read reviews of the property.
Book your place to stay!
Before you book, sending a message to the host for more information and confirm availability. Once you've decided on your chosen accommodation, click book it to checkout page to send a booking request to the host.
Receive confirmation
A HOST has 24 hours to accept a booking request. You receive a confirmation email once it's accepted. With Instant Booking, acceptance is immediate. To ensure your payment is secure, cribkeysonly transfers the money to the host 24 hours after you have checked in. And the guest will pay the next 80% of the cash to the host on check in. Guest get to see for themselves before handing over cash.
Love your trip!
Once your reservation is confirmed, your trip is on! You will receive full contact details of the host so that you can agree arrival time, collection of packages in advance on arrival can be done. The host or agent will meet you at the property, show you the accommodation and hand over the keys plus tips to get around the community, city or village.
Leave a review
After your stay, please leave a review of your accommodation and the area, restaurants, attractions, host etc, post photos if you have them. Your feedback is valuable and helps future guests gain an insight into what the property and area is like.
Register your Place!
You can list an entire apartment, castle, hotel or a single room on in just a few easy steps. You control your listing, description, price and house rules. We can help with taking photos and description.
Accept bookings request
When your listing is published, you can start receiving booking requests and earning cash from guests! When you receive an email notification for a booking request, you have 24 hours to accept it. Use the CRIBKEYS messaging system to reply to questions and arrange the key handover.
Welcome your guests
Before guest arrive, ensure your place is clean and tidy with fresh sheets and towels. When your guests arrive, hand over the keys, show them the place and explain the house rules -a few tips about the village, community will be helpful!
Receive payment
24 hours after your guests arrive and have checked in successfully, CRIBKEYS automatically transfers your payment to your Paypalor bank account. CRIBKEYS takes care of the transaction via HSBC, your payment is safe at all times.
Leave a review
Reviews are vital this process and we ask you to review and get reviewed to ensure that our platform is built on trust. Leaving a review of your guest’s means they are more likely to review you in return. Happy guests leave positive reviews and are more likely to return!
Leave a review of the Restaurant and things to do place seen on cribkeys….