Book Accommodation now, pay cash on arrival

Rent your house, apartment, lodge, sofa, castle, hotel and receive cash on check in. The guest will pay 20% to reserve the accommodation and pay the balance on arrival to the HOST. 

Much Advantages to the HOST: 

Cash on arrival helps host to manage cash Flow –cash is king! No wait on PayPal system or bank transfer –simple collect cash from guest 100% more booking as guest feel safe to pay later Receive payment (securely) -We transfer payment (20% deposit)to you one day after your guest arrives. We take care of all payment online, so you don’t need to worry about anything 

More advantages for Guest: 

Reduce bank and credit card changes for guest Meet and greet the owner while paying your cash No big refund if gust and host agree not to rent –unlikely to happen 
Host will almost get the asking price for the listing but will provide seasonal guide price in line with the location and market.
The price set on the website by the host is generally the final price except for some countries where host are required to collect local taxes or tourist accommodation taxes. collecta receipt from the host if this happen. However, we will ensure that the final price is listed on